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Police Bicycle Lights

Police Bike Lights play a crucial role in being seen while riding a bicycle, providing safety and security. As a Police Officer, Security Agent, Park Ranger, or other official, you want to make sure that you are visible - especially at night. A quality police bike light system is essential while riding in the dark.

It is also important to be able to identify yourself as a Law Enforcement Official or other agent. The bike lights that we carry are designed to accomplish this. Whether you want the complete package with very high end dual beam strobes, or basic LED lights, you will find them here. Some of the light systems are specifically designed to be police bike lights, while others are high quality standard bicycle lights.

Max Patrol 600 Update - The Code3Sports MaxPatrol-600 Bike Patrol Light is now available with the Taillight Version. Packing a powerful 600 Lumen headlight and 400 Lumen pursuit lights, this is the brightest bke patrol light on the market.

The Brand New Alerte Trailblazer IV Emergency Bike Light System is now available with over double the headlight power from the previous version, increased siren volume and a new easy to use touch pad interface. A Trailblazer IV Video has been added to show an optional faster and random flash pattern.The changes you requested are now available in the new generation.

Bicycle Lights for Police
code 3 sports maxpatrol-600 police bike light trailblazer IV police bike patrol light   nitrider digital patrol light
MaxPatrol-600 Police Bike Patrol Light
by Code3Sports
Super Bright CREE LEDs
Now Only $249.99

Optional Taillight Now Available!
600 Lumen Center beam 400 Lumen Side Beams - 4 Pursuit Color Choices
Alerte Trail Blazer IV LED Police Bike Light System
$783.00 MSRP
$405.00 Special Intro Sale Price
Includes Front & Rear Pursuit Lights, Head & Taillights & Siren
c3sports mini pursuit lights
Mini Strobe Police Bike Lights
  Nite Stalker Police Bike Light

Mini Pursuit Police Bike Lights
Super Bright LED's
Internal USB Rechargeable
Use as Headlight Or Taillight
Only $49.99 per light
Special Intro:
Add a Second for Only $39.99

Mini Strobe Police Bike Light Combo
Set of Two Lights
$34.99 Normal Retail
4 Color Choices
$29.99 Sale Price
Mount Both in Front or One on Seatpost

NiteStalker Police Bike Light
Dual LED's - with 5 Lens Color Choices
Headlghts & Pursuit Lights In One Unit
niterider mako 5.0 bike light combo niterider mako 1 watt bike light combo   niterider mako 2 watt bike light
Niterider Mako 5.0 Bike Light Combo
Mako 5.0 Headlight & TL5.0 Taillight
Now Only $29.99!

Niterider Mako 150 Watt Bike Light Combo
Mako150 Watt Headlight & CherryBomb Taillight
Normal Retail $59.99
Now Only $54.99!

Niterider Make 2 Watt Bike Light
130 Lumes - Runs on 2 AA Batteries
Now Only $39.95!
niterider lumina 350 bike light niterider lumina 500 bike light   niterider digital patrol taillight
Niterider Lumina 350 Bike Headlight - Cordless
350 Lumens Li-Ion Battery
Compact System
Only $89.99
Niterider Lumina 500 Bike Headlight - Cordless
500 Lumens Li-Ion Battery
Compact System
Only $109.99
Niterider Digital Patrol LED Taillight
Works with Digital Patrol Light
Now Only $59.99!
niterider lumina 650 bike light niterider cherrybomb bike taillight   ultimate bike patrol accessory combo
Niterider Lumina 650 Bike Headlight - Cordless
650 Lumens Li-Ion Battery
Compact System
Only $129.99
NiteRider CherryBomb Bike Taillight
Super Bright LED Light
Only $24.99
Ultimate Bike Patrol Accessory Combo
Only $299.99 & $399.99 Options
The Best of Bike Accessories to get you ready for Patrol - Super Powerful Lights, Trunk bag and a Helmet at a discounted price.
police bike patrol accessory combo niterider minewt pro 750 bike light   niterider ultrafazer taillight
Police Bike Patrol Accessory Combo
Includes Helmet, Lights and Trunk Bag
Niterider MiNewt Pro 750 Bike Light
750 Lumens Lithium Ion LED Light System
Extremely Bright!
Only $199.99
Brand New Bike Light!
TailFazer TL-5.0 Bike Taillight
By NiteRider
Only $11.95
lightman pro dual and commuter police bike lights
dual pro police bicycle strobing lights   lightman bike taillight
anklelite leg band
baglite bicycle safety light   alerte trailblazer III Battery
Anklelite Leg Band
Leg Band or Arm Strap with LED Light
Only $24.95
Baglite Safety Light System
Be Visible from the Front and Back
Only $44.95
Alerte Trailblazer III and IV Bike Light Battery
Spare or Replacement Battery for Digital Patrol System
Free Shipping!
niterider digital patrol battery niterider digital patrol light charger   maxpatrol-600 spare battery
Niterider Digital Patrol Police
Light Battery

Spare or Replacement Battery for Digital Patrol System
Niterider Digital Patrol Police
Light Charger

Spare or Replacement Charger for Digital Patrol System
Code3Sports MaxPatrol-600 Spare Battery
Spare or Replacement Battery for MaxPatrol Light System